“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you”- Louise Hay

How many of us had limiting beliefs that hold us back from taking action, making progress and reaching success?

I know I have.  I didn’t feel qualified enough thus I didn’t put myself out there, was playing it safe in my career thus wasn’t growing personally and/or professionally.  I realized how this belief was holding me back and decided to take the leap, took action and took on new roles that grew me.  One of them was taking on a leadership role amongst my colleagues which was scary at first but actually felt inspiring that I was making a positive impact and helping them achieve their professional goals.  Taking leaps personally and professionally gave me confidence and had me changing my belief too, “I am a confident, capable and skilled leader.” A total mindset shift that allowed me to see new opportunities, an alternative perspective and had me taking new actions.  Are you ready to be your powerful self?

What is a Limiting Belief?

A Limiting Belief is a generalization, stereotype or idea that we learned and accepted about ourselves, our world or about other people that limit us in some way.  They limit the way we live and have us playing it safe in our lives.  Limiting beliefs may be subconscious or conscious.

Here are some examples of limiting Beliefs:

Ex: “I’m not skilled or knowledgeable enough,” “I’m not fast enough,” “I’m not qualified enough,” “I’m too young,” “I’m  too old,” “I”m not extroverted enough,” ” I’m not deserving enough,” “There’s not enough to go around,” ” I don’t deserve it,” “I can’t handle it,” “Why bother trying, I’m going to fail anyway,” “There’s something wrong with me.”  Sound familiar?

Here’s 5 Action Steps to Stop The Self-Sabotage and Step into Your Powerful Self:

1 Practice awareness of those limiting beliefs and acknowledging that these are “beliefs” not truths.

2 Get curious and examine the evidence for that limiting belief. Consider asking yourself these questions with gentle curiosity.

  • Where did I learn this belief?- Was it in my childhood, from my parents, in school, from my peers?
  • How true is this belief today?
  • What evidence do I have to support this belief?
  • What would it take to let go of this belief?
  • What might be possible for me if I was able to shift this belief?
  • Acknowledging and shining a spotlight on these beliefs can minimize the power and energy of that particular belief.

3. Create and try an alternative belief that is aligned with what you want.

What would be a more empowering belief that you could choose that would move you forward?

Creating a new alternative belief can help you shift perspective, see opportunities that weren’t present before, impact how you respond and how you feel.  For example: If you were to create a belief that stated, “I am a skilled and confident person that has something to share with the people in this room.” Think of how you would you show up at work, in your business, in your relationships? What would your posture be like? Your tone of voice? How would you engage with others? How would you feel if you believed that you were this confident person?

4. Take Action like the Nike commercial, “Just do it!” Don’t wait to feel confident to take action.  Just by taking action you can change the way that you feel.  Your new belief will take practice. By practicing taking action steps this will help you change the way that you feel and think about yourself.

5. Most importantly, acknowledge and champion yourself for taking small action steps, for taking the leap, for creating new possibilities and new outcomes for yourself.

Considering thinking of this as an experiment in creating new beliefs that are aligned with what you want and the life you want to create. To Your Success!!

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