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My background and experience has been 10 years in the healthcare setting where I have had the amazing opportunity to help individuals manage and positively cope with stress and anxiety using skill training for stress management, mindfulness tools and help them develop their personal resilience to life’s challenges.  Prior to this, my experience was in Health and Human Services working with children, youth and families and helping them reunify.

The joy is in partnering with clients for a tailored approach to their specific needs and create a plan that matters to you “now” versus leaving it to that proverbial “someday” and regretting you never started it sooner. When we leave it to “someday” that “someday” can easily become no day and then nothing changes or improves. That doesn’t have to be you.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Masters in Social Work and Certified Professional Coach, I bring the best of both worlds to our work together so you can have the tools to worry and stress less and feel more confident in your own skin when faced with life’s challenges

I am excited to partner with you to see what is absolutely possible in your life!

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Salina Bambi - Life Coach San Diego

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