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My name is Salina and I’m a Certified Professional Coach living in beautiful San Diego, California.

I am a professional with a fun side! My friends would describe me as outgoing, warm, and having a zest for life! Health is important to me thus I make time to run, get my sweat on and often that is with my running family where we support, encourage and cheer each other on. My life is also about growing and becoming a better version of myself and being a service to others.

My background and experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the healthcare setting have given me the experience to help people manage and cope successfully with challenging life situations. For example, adjustment to chronic illnesses, manage and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression that were getting in the way of them experiencing a greater quality of life and feelings of fulfillment and life satisfaction. In this setting, I came to deeply appreciate the gift of life, creating life balance, the importance of self-care, self-compassion, reducing the effects of stress in the mind and in the body, cultivating a positive mindset and creating a life that matters “now” versus “someday.” I realized if you don’t take action now that “someday” becomes no day.

As your Coach and advocate, I look forward to starting where you are and coaching you to where you want to be and seeing what is absolutely possible in your life. I utilize a variety of coaching methodologies and a strength-based approach to help eager individuals get out of the struggle and start living a life that is joyful, empowering and deeply satisfying!

Live Your Best Life Now Not Later.

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Salina Bambi - Life Coach San Diego
Salina Bambic Running - San DIego

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