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My name is Salina and I’m a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters Degree in Social Work.

My background and experience is in the healthcare setting where I had the opportunity to help individuals manage and cope successfully with chronic health conditions and increase their quality of life and life satisfaction.  In this setting, I came to deeply appreciate the gift of life, the importance of self-care, reducing the effects of stress on the mind and in the body, cultivating a healthy mindset and creating a life that matters  to you “now” versus leaving it to that proverbial “someday” and regretting you never started it sooner.  I realized if you don’t take action now that “someday” becomes no day.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Coach, I bring the best of both worlds to our coaching work so you can reclaim your personal freedom, make values-based choices, and stop running on autopilot.  You can improve your health, make time for family, and do what brings you joy all while still excelling in your heart-focused career.

I look forward to partnering with you to see what is absolutely possible in your life!

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Salina Bambi - Life Coach San Diego

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