5 Signs You Aren’t Practicing Self-Care

Self-care is complex. Anyone can tell you to do it, but only you can bestow the gift of self-care onto yourself. But before you can begin bestowing, you’ve got to first recognize that you are worthy of caring for yourself as you do others. How do you do this? By noticing the ways in which you are currently not taking very good care of yourself. Here are 5 signs you aren’t practicing self-care. If any seem familiar, it is time to make more time for yourself: 1. You [...]

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Tips for Coping with Social Isolation

Humans are social creatures and we don’t do well in isolation. That’s exactly why state penitentiaries punish prisoners by putting them into solitary confinement. It causes them great mental anguish. Many of us have felt like prisoners in solitary confinement over the last couple of months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. And many of us have been feeling our own mental anguish from this extended isolation. Who knows how long this may go on? While none of us have [...]

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5 Action Steps To Step Into Your Powerful Self

"If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you"- Louise Hay How many of us had limiting beliefs that hold us back from taking action, making progress and reaching success? I know I have.  I didn’t feel qualified enough thus I didn’t put myself out there, was playing it safe in my career thus wasn’t growing personally and/or professionally.  I realized how this belief was holding me back and decided to take the leap, took action and [...]

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The Wheel of Life Exercise

How Balanced and Satisfied are you in your life? The Wheel of Life is an effective visual tool that can represent your life. The wheel is separated into 8 areas. Each area can represent which areas of your life are out of balance, where you might feel unsatisfied with and where you can improve. When we are out of balance we can experience burn out, stress and lack of satisfaction in our lives. Consider each area of your life like a spoke [...]

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5-Minute Meditation

How to Reduce Stress in as Little as 5-Minutes a Day? There are many benefits to meditation including decreasing stress, improving mood and increasing mental clarity. When meditating, it triggers our relaxation response versus our fight or flight response also know as our acute stress response. In the fast-paced world that we all live in, taking a few minutes to meditate can feel like taking a mental and physical recess. Meditation can be used as our reset button. Harvard Studies show with [...]

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How to Transform Your Life – One Thought at a Time

  Your thoughts can have a powerful effect on how you experience life. Thus, you can transform your thoughts, one at a time can be a worthy investment to feeling your best and experiencing life on your terms.   For example in times of stress or fear and anger, our thoughts can be self-defeating, run on autopilot and replay in our head like a bad song. This not only makes us feel worse but can also create an environment for a poor response. [...]

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