Top 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

It’s rare that any of us will get through life without experiencing anxiety at some point. But some people have the burden of dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. Whether it’s over something big or insignificant, anxiety stops us from living a normal life full of joy and potential. Here are 5 ways you can begin reducing your anxiety: 1. Recognize You Are in Control When you are in the grips of anxiety, it feels very much like it has total [...]

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5 Tips To Take Control Of Your Time & Reduce Stress

One of the best ways to cope with uncertainty is to take charge of your time. Why? Because being proactive can help reduce your stress levels, can support your mental well-being and help you form healthy habits. Here’s 5 Tips To Take Control Of Your Time: 1. Structure Your Time Believe it or not, creating a plan for your day can reduces stress and anxiety versus having no plan. Having a plan gives you focus, an intention and purpose in your day. [...]

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4 Simple Tips to Disarm Emotional Triggers and Take Control

Have you ever been emotionally triggered and you reacted in a way that was less than ideal? You may have noticed physical sensations such as increased heart rate, rapid breathing, a temperature change or feelings of constriction or tightness. You’re not alone. Before you know it, you may have found yourself being short tempered, shutting down or fleeing from the situation all together. Our reaction can leave us feeling disempowered in how we handled the situation.  This not only affects how we [...]

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Social Connection Is Good For Your Health

Have you ever tried something new and ending up liking it? After leaving a long -term relationship, I had joined a social running club.  I did not enjoy running at that time however I was in transition, feeling lonely and thought it would be a good way for me to meet new people. It wasn’t until I started going regularly that I had the opportunity to meet and build some very close connections with the people I ran with. These people actually [...]

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Quick Tips to Manage Stress

Quick Tips to Manage Stress We all encounter stress in our lives and to varying degrees. In some cases, stress can be beneficial as it can help us prepare or perform or the “fight or flight” response when faced with a life-threatening situation. Stress that is negative can have harmful effects on your emotional, mental and physical health. This typically occurs in the following situations: work, overextending yourself, going through transitions like divorce, a break-up, a death, a traumatic stress/event or having [...]

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Making the Shift from Self-Critical to Self-Compassion

Have you ever had moments of being self-critical and self-judgmental?  If you have, you are not alone. The thing is, sometimes we are aware of our self-criticism while other times we are not.  These thoughts can be automatic which is why increasing our awareness of this self-criticism, belittling and self-judgment can be so impactful.  The thoughts of “I’m not good enough,” “I can't do this” or “I'm a failure” whether we are aware of it or not can leave us feeling anxious, [...]

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