What is Emotional Hygiene and Why Does It Matter?

Emotional hygiene is a practice of daily care for your psychological health.  Just as you take care of your physical health. This can mean making time to exercise, drink enough water, brush your teeth, get enough sleep and eating your greens. It’s also important to take care of your emotional health. By not practicing emotional hygiene the body/mind can experience stress, anxiety, irritability, depression, loneliness, pain, and other strong emotions.  Your body responds to these emotions which can negatively impact your health.  These [...]

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3 Easy Mindfulness Steps to Beat Stress

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is choosing to pay attention deliberately without judgment and being fully present at the moment, in the here and now. Break the daily routine and take a moment to be completely present.   Try this exercise next time you eat your favorite meal, take the time to smell it, see it, touch it, taste it and notice the sound it makes as you chew it. Enjoy your meal consciously using all of your senses. Notice how you ate [...]

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Writing Away Your Stress – 5 Benefits of Journaling

  Besides being free,  journaling is available 24/7 with therapeutic benefits. Think of it as your companion and friend. 1) Reduces the intensity of your emotions by writing about your anger, sadness or painful emotions. 2) Reduces stress - by writing down your anxious/worry feelings it creates a structure and reduces stress and the physical impact on your body.  Once you have identified the problem you can then work on a plan to overcome the problem and in turn, reduce and/or eliminate [...]

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Reduce your Stress through Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Simply put, the act of taking care of yourself in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve your health, mental and emotional wellbeing. It doesn’t have to take hours to do, start small and notice how it starts to make you feel. Self-care can help relieve your stress, prevent emotional burnout and reduce your feelings of fatigue and negative mood associated with stress. Self-care can help you feel and perform your best again! Invest in yourself. You deserve it! [...]

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