Client testimony – discover why Salina’s clients enjoyed working with her and how her practices were able to help them improve their lives.

“My coaching session with Salina was really useful for me. Salina is a friendly, warm and empathetic person, so it was easy for me to feel comfortable with her and to speak frankly about my problems.  What I found more useful about the session is that you have a professional with a method, helping you organize your ideas and thoughts. And it is also a time to stop and think about oneself and look inside. We live in a rush and sometimes this is hard to do. Having a method which helps to clarify and organize our thoughts is very powerful. After the session, you have a written paper with the main ideas, thoughts, pros and cons and possible solutions or alternatives. This is a great help in order to organize our thoughts, clarify our feelings and, in the end, take better decisions. It certainly worked for me.”

-Jose Calvo

“Salina is a supportive and compassionate coach. She  listens carefully to get to the heart of your concerns and help you clearly see a path forward. She understands making health and wellness a priority and supports you around this important goal.”


-Jessica Padilla Bowen

“If you are focused on solving a problem or attaining a specific goal, then working with Salina Bambic is a great choice! Salina pays close attention to what clients want to achieve and helps create a concrete plan on how to get there.  Her approach doesn’t take you back to the pst, but instead focuses on the present as well and helps you identify the current skills you already have to help your success. Salina seems to have a natural curiosity about people, and asks a lot of great questions that help her clients envision what can be. I love her use of concrete and attainable action steps that make your goals a reality.”

-Karen Kerschmann

“I know that I am long winded and go off on tangents, but that verbal release is so helpful to me (especially because you do a terrific job validating my feelings and acknowledging where I am). You help me circle back to the goal very well, without it feeling like you are rushing me. You help me move and increase the energy by asking me to imagine a different outcome and then ask great questions about my feelings when I get there. Love the closing questions too, reminding me of my goal, the steps I am going to take and asking me what my take-away for the session is/are. You are an excellent coach, thank you”

– Galia Pennekamp

I would like to thank you for helping me stay focus on my goals and process what I like to accomplish. You allow me to express myself fully. You acknowledge and validate my feelings and thoughts and support my progress in achieving my goals.
During our sessions I have been able to internalize my values and evaluate my limiting beliefs in order to discover possible solutions. You are a great communicator, listen attentively and always attend with positive energy. It’s been a great pleasure to be your client.”

-Mina Kashanian

“I enjoyed working through a particular situation with Salina. She is easy to talk to and I could feel her smile and awesome energy through the telephone on our weekly calls. Salina made me feel comfortable and I don’t think I would be where I am today without her.”

– Angie H.

“I feel so lucky to have been coached by Salina. She intuitively asks the questions that make you “connect the dots” and is a fantastic listener.  During the sessions, I would feel inspired to tackle my challenges; afterwards, I would have a concrete plan of action to achieve my desired outcome. I absolutely recommend working with Salina!”

– Theresa Schramm

“Salina is a very warm, encouraging and curious coach. She is an excellent listener and is particularly skilled in asking the right question to offer deeper insights. I wholeheartedly recommend Salina’s coaching style and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

– Rachael Carter

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Salina. She is very easy to talk to and genuinely made me feel comfortable. I was surprised how much progress I made after one session. Salina helped me figure out how to juggle the different demands in my life and it has motivated me to make some much-needed adjustments. Thank you coach!”

– Angela Holtze

“Salina is a compassionate and uplifting coach who uses her intuitive listening and powerful questions to help you dive deeper and get to the core of any given issue.  What I appreciate the most about Salina is how she champions you with positivity and supports you to take those important steps towards what you want to accomplish!”

~Linda O’Hanlon

“Salina was a pleasure to work with.  She established trust very early in our relationship through her openness, empathy and good humor; and she exhibited genuine concern for her client’s ever-changing objectives. In our 6 sessions together Salina elicited great personal insight and helped me make significant progress towards my change goals. I’d recommend Salina!”

–  Aidan Waine

“Salina is well organized and a thoughtful listener. She was great at getting me to be specific about intentions and actions. And she intuitively would ask me a question which seemed “out of the blue” but really helped go deeper and me see something about myself from a new perspective. Over time, Salina helped me appreciate using “routine” questions as a tool and understand the value of a familiar rhythm. Salina provides a comfortable space to explore challenging aspects of myself while being a direct questioner and compassionate listener.”

– Patricia Steiner



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