Your thoughts can have a powerful effect on how you experience life. Thus, you can transform your thoughts, one at a time can be a worthy investment to feeling your best and experiencing life on your terms.   For example in times of stress or fear and anger, our thoughts can be self-defeating, run on autopilot and replay in our head like a bad song. This not only makes us feel worse but can also create an environment for a poor response. However, the good news is you have the power to change all that with a single thought.

The first step towards transformation is awareness. In that moment of awareness is your opportunity for change and to experience and feel a whole new way of being.  By being aware of your negative thoughts you can then make a choice to reset and create a new thought. What thought could you replace it with that would be more helpful to you at that moment and put you back in control?

For example, my negative thought used to be “ I feel so overwhelmed” and my new empowering thought is, “I got this! I see opportunities to be productive.”  This helped to create a new pathway of thinking and allowed me to take more control of my situation and take action.

It is as simple as being curious and exploring a new way of thinking.

Just remember the following when trying to change your negative thought:

  • How do you want to feel in that situation?
  • What would you have to think in order to have the outcome you want?
  • What thought could you choose that would serve you and support you in responding to that situation in a different way?

Now, you try it. It can be as simple as taking one thought a day and creating a new thought and writing it down and repeating that new thought for at least 60 seconds each day.  When the old thought tries to creep in again, you can practice your new thought as many times as necessary.

Here’s an exercise to put this into practice in your own life and experience real-life results.

Take the 7-day Challenge to “Transform your life, one thought at a time”

Practice and commit to feeling your best every day with 5 easy steps.

  1. Select one negative thought (Hint: one that you often tell yourself daily).
  2. Write down your new thought that will completely empower you and give you that feeling of lightness (negative thoughts can emotionally weigh us down and drain our energy).
  3. Say your new thought out loud for at least 60 seconds daily.
  4. Write down the feeling/experience it gives you.
  5. Repeat step 1 daily for 7 days.

It’s about thinking better so you can live better.  The choice is always yours in every moment and knowing that you get to choose how you want to experience your life can be empowering and liberating.  It’s a simple yet useful practice of retraining your brain, one thought at a time so it doesn’t control you.

I have confidence in you:)

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