How Balanced and Satisfied are you in your life?

The Wheel of Life is an effective visual tool that can represent your life.

The wheel is separated into 8 areas. Each area can represent which areas of your life are out of balance, where you might feel unsatisfied with and where you can improve.

When we are out of balance we can experience burn out, stress and lack of satisfaction in our lives.

Consider each area of your life like a spoke of a wheel: The shorter the spokes on your wheel can represent the parts of your life that are out of sync.

The Wheel of Life Tool Helps You:

  • Identify areas of imbalance
  • Establish areas that are important to you and which are being neglected
  • Find areas where you are unsatisfied

Now ask yourself:

  • “How much time would you like to give to each area on your Wheel of Life?”
  • “Which area would I like to devote more time to?”
  • “What is one small action I could do now to improve in this area?”

When we focus on those areas we can start giving it our attention. We can then can begin making changes towards improvement and progress which ultimately can restore feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Through coaching, we focus on those areas that are important to you and where you would like to see improvement.  We then are able to create a tailored action plan to get you moving forward in the right direction.

Self-Care Practices of the Week:

What is one activity that lights you up that you can do as little as 10 minutes each day?

Who are three people you can express your gratitude to this week?

Start today and share your comments below!