Have you ever found yourself not moving forward as quickly as you’d like, procrastinating or just feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward towards what you really want?  Do you criticize yourself which has you feeling even worse and disconnected? We can be our own worst critic.  This can be frustrating, isolating and keeping you stuck in a downward spiral.

By creating awareness, conquering personal limitations, utilizing an effective assessment tool and taking forward action with a plan based on your unique needs we can move you forward in the direction towards what you really want so that you can experience greater levels of happiness, well being and health. It’s absolutely possible!

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What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching to Fulfillment | Individual Coaching Sessions


  • Focuses on the present and future
  • Action-oriented
  • Creates awareness and insight through a creative process
  • Increases motivation and momentum
  • Focuses on helping you achieve your desired results
  • Create and execute your personalized action plan specific to your unique needs
  • Provides accountability and partnership
  • You are seen as an expert in your own life


Aka “Psychotherapy” or “Talk Therapy”

  • Focuses on past and present problems
  • Explores feeling, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Service provided by a clinician
  • Diagnose and treat
  • Typically uses a medical model
  • Uses therapy techniques
  • Treats mental health conditions and/or assists in treating emotional/mental health or behavioral concerns.
Talk Therapy

As a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters Degree in Social Work and years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I’m committed to helping you to achieve your life’s goals and improve your quality of life!

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